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SET launches 'Smart Marketplace'

Source: SET

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) introduces an online data platform called "SMART Marketplace" to help investors analyze and make investment decisions more efficiently.

Investors can receive securities and derivatives data, such as tick data, reference data, and corporate action via application programming interface (API), making data more accessible and convenient.

SET Senior Executive Vice President - Head of Information Technology Division Thirapun Sanpakit said that in today’s data-driven world, investors require timely and accurate data for efficient analysis prior to making investment decisions to meet their various investment needs. One of SET’s priorities is to continue to provide world-class information service that allows market players to access SET data as much as possible and as quickly as possible. SET has created “SMART Marketplace”, an online data service platform that provides data via API, enabling market players such as SET participants, market data vendors, local and foreign institutional investors, and retail investors to easily access and use data in risk management and work process efficiency improvement.

Data on “SMART Marketplace” consist of 1) intraday trading data (tick data) of SET and Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) which is provided as historical and end-of-day data, 2) reference data of securities and derivatives, including ISIN, warrants exercise ratio, and 3) listed companies’ corporate actions, such as rights issue, dividend payment, stock split, and capital change. In the future, SET plans to add more information on “SMART Marketplace”, such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) data and financial statements from listed firms. All of this is aimed to provide investors with comprehensive data for further analysis, processing and investment decisions that are suited to their specific needs.

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