IT&e adds NumeriX analytics to Razor pricing system

Source: IT&e

NumeriX, the independent leader in cross-asset derivatives pricing and valuation software, and IT&e, a leading provider of technology solutions to the financial services industry, have partnered to enhance IT&e's Razor pricing model system.

The company will utilize NumeriX analytics for pricing exotic derivatives not currently supported by Razor.

"The partnership follows an increasing demand from institutional banks for more exotic products," said Steven R. O'Hanlon, President and Chief Operating Officer. "Adding NumeriX analytics to Razor will offer institutional investors a more complete solution when managing market and credit risk."

In addition, IT&e will now also be able to reduce the amount of development work when implementing Razor. Prior to the partnership, these gaps were addressed either by the client providing in-house pricing models via Razor's C++ API, or by enhancing Razor to expand product coverage.

As a result existing clients will now be able to broaden their product coverage and take advantage of the booming credit market. In addition, banks will also have the ability to create any new complex instruments within days rather than months due to the shortened development and testing time, thus improving their market position.

IT&e CEO, James Maranis, said, "NumeriX's well recognized product coverage provides Razor with breadth of coverage in a number of key asset classes - such as credit derivatives and fixed income. The combination of leading edge credit and market risk management through Razor and in depth product coverage for all asset classes though NumeriX will provide IT&e with a significant market differentiator in the risk management marketplace."

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