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Search engine for alternative investments Vincent raises $6 million

Source: Vincent

Last November, my partners and I built a simple investment search tool to help investors discover alternative investment opportunities.

We’d each navigated building portfolios of non-traditional investments in our own way -- figuring out how to invest in private companies, cryptocurrencies, asset-backed debt and trading cards -- but we felt the experience could be a lot more awesome. Vincent is our vision of a tool for the everyday investor to deliver on that promise. Today, we’re grateful to announce the start of our next chapter, beginning with a $6 million financing led by a set of great investors who see the opportunity to help the next generation of investors do it better.

What We’ve Learned

We’ve talked to thousands of investors about their priorities and investment approaches -- and their dreams. In doing so, we’ve come to appreciate how individual investors are approaching the growing set of digitally native opportunities emerging from the combination of the JOBS act and the ever-growing search for outsized returns. Many are still trying it out, finding their investor identities as they blend meeting their financial goals and engaging with their passions. We’re in the early innings of a retail investor revolution, one driven by the democratization of wealth creation through alternative investments. More than thirty million individual investors out there, accredited and aspiring, are trying to solve the same challenges my co-founders and I solved on our own alt investing journeys. Events of the past 15 months accelerated those journeys, breeding confidence and shortening learning cycles. The time has come to build the on-ramp to support them, and that’s what we get up every morning inspired to do.

Where we’re going next

There is a profound hunger among our community to keep learning, building, investing and earning. For most, the first step is discovery, which is why we've aggregated the largest database of qualified alternative investment opportunities -- venture capital, collectibles, real estate, crypto, art, debt and more -- available to all investors. But we know our investors want to research and analyze opportunities as well, and they want to get their capital allocated more quickly. In our next chapter, we aim to fulfill those needs, and more.

"We’re in the early innings of the retail investor revolution, one driven by the democratization of wealth creation through alternative investments."

To help investors build awesome portfolios, we are focused on three things:

1. Discovery: We’ll do what we've been doing, but better, expanding our $3.8 billion of investable inventory to remain the largest independent database of alternative assets for individual investors. We will keep surfacing relevant content and features to help investors learn and discover.

2. Deal Data and Analysis: We’re amping up the powerful tools we offer to help investors evaluate investments with more data, more analysis and better ways to assess each deal’s appropriateness.

3. The Investor Journey: Building awesome portfolios still has a lot of friction. We’re focused on streamlining each investor’s experience coming up the curve of learning, doing and earning.
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Who’s backing us

Jason Calcanis, an accomplished founder and investor committed to educating and informing the emerging generation of investors, led our round. As an early investor in companies like Robinhood, Uber and Calm, Jason brings great energy and experience. We are thrilled to have him join us. Two pioneers on the forefront of disrupting traditional finance, Joe Lonsdale of 8VC and Barry Silbert of Digital Currency Group, joined too. Executives from the online investing ecosystem, including founders of Republic, NBA Topshot/Dapper Labs, AngelList, Collectable and Slated, and awesome investors like Sahil Lavingia and Meltem Demirors, participated as well. Also continuing this journey with us are our earliest backers -- humbition, Uncommon Denominator, ERA, Duro Ventures and The Fund.

Love our mission? Join us.

We’re building Vincent for you. For us. For the investors who have never had a way to get a leg up but whose moment has arrived. Use our search engine and tell us how we can improve it to help you. Sign up for saved search alerts. Let us know what other research or data points you’d like to see in a deal analysis. If you’re deeply inspired, join our team. We’re grateful to have this opportunity to help investors, and we are looking for great people to work with us to make the most of it.

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