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Rimes adds ESG module to managed data service

Source: RIMES

Today, RIMES, a strategic data partner for financial institutions, launches its ESG data management solution, powered by RIMES’ Managed Data Services (MDS).

A new, cost-effective and flexible solution, it helps asset management firms quickly access high-quality data to evaluate the sustainable credentials of any asset for enterprise-wide use.

The global sustainable investment industry has evolved rapidly in recent years. According to PwC more than half the money invested in funds in Europe could be managed by explicitly ESG strategies by 2025, representing an almost 30% growth rate from 2019. However, despite more interest in ESG, there is no global standardised ESG disclosure requirements today. This means asset management firms struggle to find, understand and trust the ESG data they need to pinpoint truly sustainable assets. As new sources come to market and regulatory scrutiny intensifies, firms are exposed to more and more risk.

RIMES’ new ESG solution addresses this issue. It is a fully managed, end-to-end cloud-based service that offers transparent and actionable ESG data through;

• An industry-leading, vendor agnostic library of ESG sources

• Extensive cross-referencing and harmonisation across sources

• Mapping from issuer to issue

• A suite of desktop and analytics tools.

Unlike technology-led solutions, RIMES’ fully managed service model and lean data management approach results in enhanced data quality for insights, greater operational efficiencies, better resource allocation and faster time to market and time to quality.

Elisabeth Seep, ESG Product Manager, RIMES commented: “RIMES’ ESG solution was developed to remove the burden of ESG data management from asset management firms who are challenged with identifying sustainable assets and actionable ESG data effectively. ESG integration is no longer a nice-to-have. Any firm serious about long-term success needs to be addressing ESG now and ensuring that they have in place robust data management and reporting capabilities required to provide clients and regulators transparency within portfolios and products regarding E, S, G and climate factors”

RIMES’ ESG solution is built on three core principles:

• Improve business outcomes:
• Deliver trusted, timely, accurate and complete data seamlessly across the enterprise. Free up capacity to generate data insights that drive growth and differentiation.

• Eliminate waste:
• Embed a proven service model that solves the complex operational data management problem efficiently without the need for additional people or technology investment.

• Enhance adaptability:
• Future-proof data management with a transparent, comprehensive cloud-based
• service and expert advisory. Become highly responsive to business needs and evolve with the market.

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