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PayCEC launches in UK and EU

Source: PayCEC

Due to the growth of the digital era, everything must be digitized and this has been progressing over time. Integrating technology into business is no longer a plus point for it but the newest standard, no matter what the size of business is. PayCEC is taking on a new role for bringing a new solution for most businesses nowadays as a payment gateway provider.

A new participant in the Fintech market.
PayCEC is the payment gateway provider, its product is integrated into the merchant's business website, to go through their concerns about electronic payments when their business allows and accepts online payments, especially payments which are made by Visa, Mastercard and American Express and Credit/ Debit cards. PayCEC is supposed to be different while not all the payment gateway providers support global integration today. It was set up to allow and accept payments which are made anytime and anywhere.

For a short description about PayCEC, it was established in May (2018), the headquarter is located at 01 Raffles Place, Singapore. Besides that, the Software Product Development Center is based in CA, United States and the Customer Service Center is in Europe - Lithuania.

PayCEC provides the customer service which is available 24/7 despite the difference in time zones, locations that its merchants are based in, and the convenience as in the smoothness of online payment transactions.

PayCEC provides merchants a management account which allows them to keep track of the payments and other relevant issues. Moreover, to ensure the security of every payment, PayCEC complies with the PCI DSS compliance, provides the services such as 3D Secure, Tokenization, Real time Risk Management, etc, to help enhance the payment’s safety and comprehensively protect user’s information.

PayCEC is not similar to PayPal, Stripe,...
Despite the recent launching of PayCEC, it’s taken as a freshman in this industry, compared to other competitors. Otherwise, PayCEC is known as the latest solution for those businesses, especially those startups and SMEs who are facing struggles in their first steps. Selecting the trustful payment gateway which is not only cost-saving but also solves all the payment's relevant issues, is a complicated task for merchants.

Knowing and understanding that point, CEO Anh Hung Le once commented:” At PayCEC, we accept online payments because of our wider goal towards globalization. We want to create a lively and vibrant e-commerce environment. That is why we are here to support startups and SMEs who tend to join the global e-commerce markets, not only domestic fields.”

In the next 5 years, the company expects to reach more than 10.000 merchants and develop their business to be featured mainly in UK/EU markets apart from clients portfolio in the US.

At the end of this September 2021, the payment startup is going to campaign for its customer acquisition in Asian markets namely India, Singapore and Hongkong, etc. The payment firm expects to gain a number of 50,000 global merchants registered in the year of 2026.

Not only PayCEC provides merchant services, but also this Fintech firm is taking active steps toward serving personal segments with the most promising E-wallet product, which will be designed both on mobile app and web browser interface. The new personal E-wallet is projected to be launched at the end of 2022 to meet the need of online shopping and customer experiences. They even expect to gain 1 million personal accounts who will use PayCEC E-wallet for personal transactions by 2026.

The company provides the services for online payment purposes on a worldwide scale, and their vision statement reflects that. Through their products/services offering and pricing, they provide a platform to any merchants that need it.

Based on the merchant’s high standard and minimum requirements, they better consider carefully the trustful payment gateway provider to rely on, to determine best practice and help streamline response in the payments process. 

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