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IDenfy bags deal withj Polish fintech Payment Financial

Source: iDenfy

Lithuania-based identity verification company, iDenfy, announced a new partnership with Polish FinTech brand Payment Financial SA.

This partnership will see Paymento incorporate iDenfy’s proven security features, helping them to reduce fraudulent activity.

Identity fraud and phishing attacks are an increasing threat for industries across the globe. IDenfy is a Lithuanian identity verification company, that provides fraud prevention software. It utilizes AI and biometrics to ensure businesses can quickly and securely confirm the identity of their customers.

The iDenfy software ensures real-time ID and facial verification, speeding up security procedures and helping to improve overall customer experience. The company announced that it will be partnering with FinTech Paymento Financial SA, providing the Polish company with its biometric facial recognition software.

Paymento Financial SA provides the financial sector with professional financial services and IT solutions, particularly helping those entities working within the financial and e-commerce markets. Paymento’s multi-platform solutions are able to be integrated into a wide range of systems and offer companies a simple, fast, and flexible solution for online payments.

By partnering with iDenfy, Paymento Financial SA will now be able to provide its users with a smooth and automated verification process. This will significantly speed up payment and verification through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

iDenfy software is able to recognize a wide array of documents from over 200 countries and territories. Working in real-time, it will ensure companies utilizing the Paymento Financial SA services will be able to quickly determine the identity of users and whether the supplied information is fraudulent or incorrect.

Speaking on the announcement of the new partnership, iDenfy CEO Domantas Ciulde added, “We are really pleased to be partnering with Paymento Financial SA. Their wide range of FinTech solutions are designed for the modern world of e-commerce, which makes identity verification a crucial aspect in keeping fraudulent activity to a minimum. Our software will help them to undertake these check-in real-time, improving both security and overall customer experience.”

Andrzej Poniński, CEO at Paymento Financial SA added, “Since our launch, we strive to provide banks and financial institutions with a product to help them enter the payment business. This requires a smooth and automated verification process, which the iDenfy software provides. Thanks to this innovative software, we will be able to enhance our customer experience and streamline the process of onboarding the customer.”

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