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Ghana International Bank selects Backbase for transformation project

Source: Backbase

Ghana International Bank (GHIB), a UK-headquartered pan-African bank, announces today that it has partnered with Engagement Banking technology provider Backbase.

The partnership will underpin the bank’s digital transformation, accelerate innovation and, by allowing GHIB to create tailor-made solutions, provide an enhanced, seamless experience for the bank’s customers.

With modern, cloud-native architecture that can support banks of any size, Backbase will act as the core strategic partner for GHIB’s digital transformation. The partnership will see GHIB adopt Backbase’s Engagement Banking platform to orchestrate customer engagement across the bank’s full range of channels. Via the platform, GHIB is set to leverage Backbase’s Digital Banking capabilities to provide highly personalised banking experiences and frictionless self-service for its customers, as well as its Digital Sales capabilities, which will modernise the entire experience of both new and existing customers.

GHIB’s adoption of Backbase’s Digital Banking and Digital Sales capabilities, which will allow GHIB to grow its corporate client base, with a focus on payments, transactions, and employee empowerment and support, will be closely followed by a second transformation phase, which will include extending the Backbase-enabled enhanced offering to GHIB’s retail customers. Bring Global is the trusted implementation partner that will deliver the Backbase capabilities as part of the digital transformation of GHIB.

By leveraging Backbase’s engagement platform and out-of-the-box accelerators across multiple business lines, GHIB’s innovation initiatives will also be supported, decreasing the bank’s time to go to market with new digital solutions.

Anas Bourani, Chief Technology Officer at Ghana International Bank, comments: “Now more than ever, banks need to respond to exaggerated customer expectations. Today’s
environment emphasises how important it is to offer convenience and choice to adapt to changing behaviour. Our digital journey, that we have set about with Backbase, has placed our customers at the centre of our digital investment, with Next-Gen technology being the critical driver in transforming our bank. Backbase’s flexibility, customer-centric user experience and impressive commitment to ongoing product development made them the natural partner for our digital investment, and the culture fit between our two companies is unmatched.”

Frank Uittenbogaard, Regional Vice President, Europe at Backbase, adds: “With a genuine commitment to provide a best-in-class user experience and drive growth based on its market knowledge and client relationships, GHIB’s people-driven approach aligns with the very fundamentals upon which Backbase is built. We are excited to be supporting GHIB as its strategic partner on its digital transformation journey.”

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