Id-Confirm launches handheld biometric authentication device

Source: Id-Confirm

Following five years of research and development, id-Confirm, Inc. introduced a new portable biometric identity verification solution today at the ISC West Conference in Las Vegas.

Called the id-Confirm SecureLink System, the solution provides a foolproof, privacy-sensitive method for business, government and private citizens to prevent identity theft and financial fraud with technology that is ready-to-use and simple to deploy.

The new system provides the industry's highest level of security using multi-factor authentication deployed in a handheld device that's half the size of a small cell phone. The patent-pending id-Confirm SecureLink System includes all the software, hardware and services required for immediate implementation in an integrated, end-to-end solution.

"With losses from identity-related fraud already topping $52 billion and growing at a rate of 300% annually, the need to stop the thieves who are wreaking havoc on our businesses, our society and our personal lives has become more and more critical with each day," said Rob Morrison, id-Confirm CEO. "The SecureLink System provides a solution that's simple to deploy and easy to use. Because it includes not only the biometric authentication device, but also the entire infrastructure organizations need to get the solution up and running very quickly, it overcomes the obstacles that business and government previously faced with biometrics. With this system, there is no longer any need for organizations to put a complex computer infrastructure in place to authenticate and manage the data transmitted by biometric devices because the authentication processing technology is part of the turnkey solution. A wide range of organizations can now add dramatically enhanced identity theft protection to their operations without altering the way in which they do business."

The SecureLink System includes the id-Confirm id4u personal enrollment device and the firm's biometric enrollment software as well as a highly secure, host-based authentication server environment running id-Confirm's SecureLink Authenticator software. id4u includes an integrated fingerprint reader through which the consumer concerned about identity theft "enrolls" one time by scanning his or her finger across the device in an environment controlled by the issuing authority so as to ensure that the person enrolling on the device is indeed the person authorized to use it. A one-of-a-kind, mathematized representation of the fingerprint is stored on the device, which is always in the possession of the consumer, thus eliminating privacy concerns. No private, personal data is transmitted to or stored on any sort of central database or on the id4u device.

After the consumer has enrolled on the id4u device, whenever a credit card, ATM, on-line banking, e-purchase, debit card, network authentication, Single Sign On or other transaction occurs, completion of the transaction requires that the consumer scan his or her fingerprint to verify that the finger being scanned matches the fingerprint of the person enrolled on the device.
If lost or stolen, the device is non-usable by anyone other than the person whose fingerprint is enrolled on the device.

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