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ASX launches real-time corporate actions service

Source: ASX

ASX has successfully completed and launched its real-time corporate actions straight-through processing (STP) service, which enables the processing and delivery of critical information – everything from dividends to entitlement offers – within seconds of announcement using ISO 20022 global standard messaging.

ASX Managing Director and CEO Dominic Stevens said that ASX is the global leader in providing a fully automated end-to-end solution, which now delivers the most accurate, comprehensive and timely corporate action event information, using the latest industry standard messaging format.

“Corporate actions are a critical feature in capital markets,” Mr Stevens said, “with thousands of these events taking place on ASX every year. They include information about dividend and interest payments, and entitlement or buy-back offers. Our solution provides deeper and richer data for all market participants.

“This project has achieved its aim to lower the inherent risks for all participants through simplifying, standardising, and removing manual steps in announcement, data capture and support processes. This provides time and cost savings, reduces the chance of human error - and with ASX as the trusted source of truth - leads to higher investor confidence and more informed decision-making,” Mr Stevens added.
How it works

ASX’s corporate actions STP solution allows issuers to complete smart online forms for the announcement of certain events, taking advantage of pre-populated data and validation to support minimum information requirements and regulatory compliance.

Before the announcement is released, automated validations are performed for compliance with ASX listing rules and with minimum global data and format standards. For the issuer, this helps provide greater certainty, reducing the need to provide amended or updated announcements.

Investors get more accurate and comprehensive information faster, delivered in the industry’s preferred and easy-to-process global standard ISO 20022 compliant format.

ASX’s corporate actions STP solution uses the enterprise data management (EDM) technology of GoldenSource.

GoldenSource CEO John Eley said: “The solution builds on the capability of GoldenSource’s EDM system utilised by ASX for its corporate actions management and market announcement platform.

“The GoldenSource system manages corporate action origination at exchange level with its extensive configuration capabilities. This allows stringent regulatory and risk compliance rules to be incorporated while facilitating automation and STP workflows. We look forward to supporting ASX in its ongoing innovative initiatives.”

Mr Stevens added: “The completion of the corporate actions STP service is the latest example of ASX’s work to contemporise and upgrade its technology right across the business.

“New and enhanced technology not only improves performance, efficiency and resilience for our customers, but it sets up Australia’s market infrastructure for the future, offering exciting opportunities for innovation and growth.”

The full service went live on 5 June 2021, following a phased implementation of the online forms for issuers and the ISO 20022 notification service.

Further information about Corporate Actions STP is available on the ASX website:

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