Caixa Galicia to implement Teradata client analytics software

Source: Teradata

Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR), has announced that Caixa Galicia, a leading Spanish savings bank based in A Coruna, Spain, will extend the capacity and business value of its Teradata Warehouse by implementing Teradata Value Analyzer (TVA), an enterprise analytics solution engineered to accurately measure the profitability of each customer.

Implemented by Teradata Professional Services, TVA is advanced analytical software that provides detailed enterprise profitability reporting and analysis for enhanced value-based decision-making.

"Initially, we were planning to do our own development for profitability analysis," said Jose Valino, Caixa Galicia chief information officer. "However, after a very successful proof-of-concept, the Teradata team demonstrated that TVA will allow Caixa Galicia a shorter and easier implementation as well as future support and growth of the profitability solution with a reduced total cost of ownership."

Valino added that TVA will allow Caixa Galicia to better address new financial reporting requirements and commercial and customer management initiatives, while also providing detailed information for Basel II accounting rules.

"TVA's capability to store detailed information about every single object and rule calculation, making it possible to analyze intermediate and final results in detail for auditing, was decisive," said Jose Andres Garcia Bueno, Teradata general manager for Spain and Portugal. "The implementation of TVA extends a strong partnership between Teradata and Caixa Galicia which has included the implementation of a highly effective Teradata Warehouse that has brought clear business value to the bank."

Implemented in 2003, Teradata's enterprise data warehouse brings Caixa Galicia's data together into a single integrated view, providing consistency and accuracy throughout management's multiple views of its business. By leveraging information across a broad spectrum of business dimensions, including customer services, marketing, operations and profitability data, management is successfully offering personalized services and products to its more than two million customers, reinforcing these critical relationships. The capability to quickly analyze detailed, cross-organizational information and act on it in near-real time improves Caixa Galicia's ability to maximize customer and shareholder value.

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