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Finn AI adds three new chatbot service levels

Source: Finn AI

Finn AI, the leading provider of conversational AI for banks, today announces three new chatbot service Levels, each built on the same AI foundation, designed to let banks and credit unions choose an optimal path for delivering AI enhanced experiences to their customers and members.

With Finn AI, banks and credit unions can get up and running with an AI enabled chatbot in as little time as a month, and can add new functionality and digital banking coverage incrementally without any technology changes.

“We’re giving financial institutions flexibility in how they embrace chatbots. They can either adopt fully-integrated bank chat now or they can build their digital experience over time,” said Jake Tyler, co-founder and CEO of Finn AI.

Banks and credit unions are under pressure to enhance their digital customer experience as a way to acquire and retain customers. Conversational AI has emerged as a frontrunner to achieve this goal. However, small and mid-sized banks and credit unions often need a quick start, so that they can get initial value to customers quickly, while they assess plans for full scale implementation. Without any AI experience, many are stuck at the starting gate, unsure how to take the first step.

Finn AI offers a solution by building AI driven conversations into online and mobile banking to increase customer convenience and success. It’s three new solution Levels match each stage of a bank or credit union journey for conversational AI; are built on the same conversational AI foundation; and offer different starting points for banks and credit unions to introduce advanced AI chatbots:

• Level 1: This package delivers quick and easy answers to the most common questions for visitors to the public dotcom site, drastically reducing the need for live support for customer acquisition and general information. It can be in-market in one month.
• Level 2: Working on the authenticated mobile and online banking sites, this concierge helps customers navigate and achieve their digital banking objectives by asking in simple plain language. Estimated implementation is two months.
• Level 3: Use comfortable plain language to complete end-to-end journeys across whichever channel the customer prefers. Using API integration to digital banking platforms, this virtual assistant lets end-users bank via chat.

Taking advantage of the over 800 pre-built banking workflows and conversational AI understanding of millions of banking phrases, the chatbot levels offer time to market in as little as a month, or digital banking integration for full end-to-end banking transactions. No matter where they start, financial institutions can continue to add advanced features on the same Finn AI banking chatbot engine.

“By introducing an AI chatbot, banks can deliver better service, achieve higher loyalty, and build broader product relationships.”  

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