ITX launches secure e-mail service

Source: ITX

ITX Corp., a leading business consulting and technology solutions firm, today announced the launch of its new Secure Email service available to banks, broker-dealers, law and healthcare firms nationwide.

ITX's Secure Email service assists with compliance and control over your email system without jeopardizing intellectual property, draining money or overloading tech support teams

"With the launch of our new Secure Email service, ITX is pleased to help individuals and their recipients meet industry and regulatory requirements while being able to encrypt messages, attachments and replies without any desktop software installation," said Ralph Dandrea, President. "What makes ITX's Secure Email special is that we don't just help our clients meet industry/regulatory compliance, we give them the tools they need to protect their assets by allowing them to filter or quarantine messages that might generate liability."

ITX's Secure Email service provides an encryption feature that is one of only a few security products to be awarded the US Government's most stringent security certificate (FIPS 140-1).

ITX's Secure Email service enables companies to capture, index, archive, search and retrieve email messages and attachments. This helps companies meet industry regulations and legal requirements governing document retention, supervision and access for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, NASD & SEC requirements.

Based on Microsoft Exchange, Secure Email provides:

  • Archiving of all inbound/outbound emails to WORM optical media, stored offsite
  • Archiving of all messages available within the system
  • Filtering or quarantining of messages that might generate liability
  • User-invoked or policy-based encryption of outbound email messages
  • Automatic attachment of disclaimers to outbound mail
  • Fully encrypted/secure access to the mail server, either through webmail or Outlook 2003
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus protection

In addition to the archiving, all of the mail data is stored on a highly available SAN infrastructure, and tape backups are sent to Iron Mountain for secure offsite storage.

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