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Xpate opens payments gateway and operational support project

Source: xpate

xpate, the payments platform that priorities simplicity, speed and user experience, is streamlining the management of card payments even further with the launch of its new payment gateway and operational support project – xpate Links.

xpate Links helps to remove a major operational burden for acquirers thanks to end-to-end handling of the payment processing software management, full technical support, fraud control, and execution of the entire dispute cycle, including managing the acquirer’s merchant disputes. Acquirers no longer need extensive in-house teams of fraud, dispute and technical support specialists since these complicated processes can be outsourced to xpate Links.

The single and unified solution has been launched to meet growing demand from acquirers requiring end-to-end fraud control, dispute management and reporting at a time when outdated legacy platforms are struggling to keep up with soaring ecommerce volumes. Around two-thirds of acquiring growth is expected to come from ecommerce channels by 2022, with the traditional processing model being left behind as acquirers seek more holistic solutions which unify all touchpoints.

The white-label turnkey payment gateway solution, which is easily and seamlessly integrated directly with the acquirer’s processor and its incident management system, offers global online omnichannel payment card acceptance, including Visa and Mastercard card processing.

Additionally, xpate Links includes an extensive range of consulting services related to International Payment Systems (IPS), including detailed product and service research on specific topics including tools for merchant underwriting, help in finding the most suitable IPS’ products and services for acquirer’s business needs, compliance with IPS rules, as well as support in obtaining membership status in IPS.

Viktorija Raizina, Managing Director of xpate Links, commented: “Our ethos is centred around creating a simple and rewarding payment experience. xpate Links allows acquirers to streamline typically clunky, time-consuming processes like fraud control, dispute management and data reporting.

Acquirers increasingly want a simplified operational flow that takes the complexity out of their day-to-day business and helps them expand faster with increased payment acceptance rates. This is crucial given how soaring ecommerce sales are pushing acquirers to lower operational risks, cut costs and optimise payment flows to help meet future demand as the world recovers from the pandemic.”

xpate Links includes intelligent and intuitive fraud control and management capabilities:

● Individual fraud prevention set up for the acquirer or an individual acquirer’s merchant.
● Transaction monitoring, combined with manual review of suspicious transactions.
● Limits and sanctioned countries defined by the acquirer’s AML are implemented in gateway settings.
● Control fraud levels within IPS thresholds.

The in-built flexibility of xpate Links means that it can quickly adapt to an acquirer’s information or status amendment, and the acquirer’s merchants get the reassurance of 24/7 technical support including payment gateway integration activities and testing. Comprehensive fraud reports are also generated and provided to acquirers, removing yet another operational burden.

Raizina added: “With its cutting-edge functionality, xpate Links allows acquirers to free up resources by outsourcing complex operational tasks and to focus on revenue recovery through streamlined dispute prevention and resolution, fraud control, payment gateway management and 24/7 technical support.

With the difficult payments aspects taken care of, acquirers are free to do the important thing - grow their business.”

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