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Attollo and Doyle join forces to launch Fintech Maturity Scan

Source: Attollo

Software developer Attollo Software Consultancy and UX-design studio Doyle join forces to launch a new service: the Fintech Maturity Scan.

With the Fintech Maturity Scan, the partners aim to fill a gap in the market. Claudius van der Meulen, Managing Director of Attollo Software Consultancy, explains: "Fintech start-ups logically want to grow fast and attract investors. To succeed, it is essential that the IT infrastructure and user experience of the fintech platform are top notch and scalable. With the Fintech Maturity Scan we thoroughly examine both aspects, so that the fintechs, as well as (potential) investors, know which elements are already future-proof and which still require extra attention."

Insight into growth potential
The aim of the Fintech Maturity Scan is to provide insight into the growth potential of fintechs in their current state. Issues such as PSD2 compliance and security are examined, but also 'dark patterns' in the platform design and interdisciplinary cooperation within the fintech company are addressed. The scan results are then compared to industry benchmarks and processed in an advisory report. This report presents actionable insights and recommendations which the fintech, potentially together with the investor, can work on.

Logical proposition
Doyle and Attollo have already assisted many start-ups and scale-ups on optimisation and scaling within their fields of expertise, respectively UX and IT. The Fintech Maturity Scan is therefore a logical outcome of a recurring request to both parties. Romeo Vreeken, Creative Director and Partner at Doyle, explains: "Many start-up companies reach out to us when they want to invest in growth and are looking for investors, often with a sense of urgency. To achieve such growth, we design user experiences that seamlessly connect with the intended audience. This process always starts with extensive research to identify potential bottlenecks in the current platform design and mapping out the intended goals and target groups. We then incorporate and resolve our findings into a solid design. Doing research and converting the results into actionable points is therefore not at all foreign to us.”

From ad hoc to planned
When Van Der Meulen was on the lookout for a complementary partner for UX design, he soon found Doyle. Van Der Meulen also fully recognised the urgent requests that Vreeken described, which quickly led to a collaboration and a new joint solution. Van der Meulen: "During our first meeting, we both agreed that a thorough scan of both IT and UX should not be done on an ad hoc basis, but planned. Especially to be able to develop a clear, complete roadmap, and to offer fintechs and investors more certainty."

Safe and accessible
Screening your company and product can be unsettling. Yet, this is certainly not the case according to Attollo and Doyle. "The Fintech Maturity Scan is a safe, personal and above all accessible tool for entering the next phase with confidence", says Vreeken. He continues: "For those who are curious whether the Fintech Maturity Scan is relevant to them, we have launched the free quick scan. This is a short online scan consisting of 15 questions. Immediately after completing it, the participant receives an indication of how his or her fintech is doing. Moreover, the quick scan gives a clear picture of the subjects that are dealt with in the extensive Fintech Maturity Scan and the 15 questions form a good basic checklist for fintechs that are about to invest in growth."

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