ITCS Trade to use iDenfy verficiation

Source: iDenfy

iDenfy announced their business partnership with Kazakhastan’s leading Fin-Tech company ITCS Trade Ltd. iDenfy will be providing ID verification solutions for new customers signing up for the ITCS Trade trading platform.

The CEO of iDenfy Domantas Ciulde takes pride in saying, “iDenfy provides the new wave of web-based Fin-Tech companies such as ITCS Trade a dynamic, innovative service. Our identity services can be seamlessly integrated into the partner platform. As a leader in identification verification who is constantly upgrading and improving, iDenfy provides the Fin-Tech industry with the tools it needs for confidential and compliant online identity verification.”

Jonathan of ITCS Trade observes, "In our industry, KYC & AML is paramount, and the ability to conduct a big part of our KYC-process automatically saves us an incredible amount of time and money. The cost- and timesaving this has brought us has been essential for our business. A big part is a fact that we’re only charged on successful verifications, something that many competitors lack.”

While continuing the business agreement with iDenfy, Jonathan further elaborated, “Our customers enjoy a great benefit of having an easy way to identify themselves without having to fill out tedious forms and questionnaires. Our clients feel it’s safe and easy to verify their identity with an automated verification process. It’s a great benefit both for us as a business and our clients being able to verify themselves this quickly.”

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