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Sber opens access for app developers to all its technologies through SmartMarket

Source: Sberbank

Sber is launching at developers.sber.ru a new version of SmartMarket, its application development platform which will allow third-party developers to get full access to various technologies and tools of the ecosystem.

SmartMarket now becomes a unified access point to all Sberbank technologies for a whole community of developers on the Telegram social network. The platform provides access to Platform V PaaS services, SberCloud services, SberDevices technologies, machine learning models and a lot more. Documentation, tools, APIs and specifications for each service are collected in one place.

With the help of technologies and services available on the SmartMarket platform, it is possible not only to create, launch and monetize a cloud application for Sberbank smart devices and Salyut family of virtual assistants and to teach the assistant new skills, but also create a virtual character, connect to the finished project a platform for speech synthesis and recognition, and a host of other things. And thanks to the visual element constructor, not only advanced developers can create applications on the SmartMarket platform, but also users who do not know any programming languages.

The first version of SmartMarket was launched by the SberDevices team in September 2020. Since then, more than six thousand developers have joined the work on new products, and over 360 applications have already been published in the catalog. SmartMarket platform has become a unified development environment by Sberbank.
The platform works on desktops and mobile browsers and allows to create new products without having to install or download anything: everything is available on the site or through API requests. With that, it is possible to create applications for SberBank Online with an audience of more than 65 million active users per month.

All the power of Sberbank's technologies at your fingertips
To start creating applications on the SmartMarket platform, you just need to register a SmartMarket Studio account using the Sber ID or phone number, come up with an application and select the relevant type of smartapp or skill. Then you can use ready-made templates or free development tools.

The platform makes it possible to create applications with Salute assistants, work with zero- and low-code tools, connect payments, manage notification sending, work with user data, connect databases for projects and send applications for publication in the catalog.

Smartapp templates allow to create a project quickly and easily, because key functions are already implemented: cards for goods and services, receipt of payments and delivery processing.

Development tools
For the convenience of developers, SmartMarket provides a wide range of different tools that simplify the work on applications:
∙ SmartApp Graph - a visual zero-code constructor for creating applications without programming;
∙ SmartApp Code - IDE for developing applications in JS and DSL, providing an editor for intents, entities and scripts, as well as access to analytics tools;
∙ SmartApp Brain - ML-technology for determining the meaning of the user's phrase and managing the assistant's answers, including ready-to-use ML-models;
∙ SmartApp Framework simplifies and standardizes the smartapp development process through a single API and ready-made functions;
∙ SaluteJS is an open-source framework that allows to create smartapp scripts in Java Script and may be used to create Chat App and Canvas App;
∙ SmartApp API is a protocol for exchanging messages between virtual assistant and smartapp using HTTPS protocol.

New SaaS tools and services
New SaaS services will also appear on SmartMarket, allowing the use of online software:
∙ Smart Push is a service for sending push notifications to smartapp users, which an application can use to send a push notification to the SberSalut mobile application and to SberBox and SberPortal devices;
∙ Smart Profile - a service for acquiring knowledge about smartapp users, that enable legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to obtain customer data necessary for the application script to work (for example, to deliver goods or order a taxi);
∙ SmartPay is a service for accepting payments, which will allow legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to make smartapp a sales channel.

Database and Serverless Computing Services
For working with databases and serverless computing, the updated SmartMarket platform offers Platform V services:
∙ Platform V Dataspace - tools and libraries for creating an abstraction layer over data. Dataspace provides a data access layer based on the customer data model. The system stores data in RAM and has all the functionality of a database management system;
∙ Platform V Functions - an event-driven serverless computing FaaS solution for developers who create applications on the basis of serverless architecture. The FaaS platform allows to solve the problems of allocating computing resources, deployment, scaling, configuring network access and integrating with other platform services.

Professional environment
Since the launch of SmartMarket, Sberbank has managed to build a unique smart community of professionals who can communicate in the Telegram social network and attend regular meetups. The SberDevices team constantly improves the tools and proactively updates documentation so that developers always be able to create new applications as efficiently as possible.

For SmartMarket developers, there is a smartapp upgrade program that allows to improve the smartapp functionality and UX / UI with the help of SberDevices experts.

Incentives and partnership program
There is also a special incentive program: in the course of the competition, the winners may receive up to 2,500,000 rubles every quarter. The developer competition is held in the following categories: "Popular Smartapp", "Monetization", "Active Developer". The first prize is 2,500,000 rubles, the second is 1,000,000 rubles, the third is 500,000 rubles.

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