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Prytek invests in TipRanks

Source: Prytek

Technology group Prytek today announces it has made a significant investment in TipRanks as part of its wider investment strategy.

TipRanks, is an Israeli-based fintech company using capital market data driven by machine learning and NLP technology with over 4 million active retail investment users.

TipRanks mission is to make investment decisions easier for retail investors, by providing them access to professional tools via a simple interface. It allows them to track professional traders and their records to help make their own investment decisions.

In addition to the investment, TipRanks is able to leverage Prytek’s solution suite, including new tools and datasets, each designed to bring transparency to online investment advice. The Prytek group build financial services and education technologies to deliver BOPaaS (Business Operating Platform-as-a-Service) to enterprises institutions.

The latest funding from Prytek will enable TipRanks to expand its technological capabilities, with plans to carry out a new generation of data products. Prytek intends to implement these technologies with other subsidiaries through the vertically integrated ecosystem it has created.

Andrey Yashunsky, CEO and Founder of Prytek said “We are witnessing huge growth in the number of investment platforms which is fantastic as it is making investing accessible to all. However, this has dramatically increased the need for reliable, unbiased, and objective financial advice. Our future vision is to work closely with TipRanks to create a super app enabling investors to trade in various ways including equities and ETFs all in one simple place.”
Uri Gruenbaum, Co-Founder and CEO said “Our platform is driven by smart technologies to help millions of investors evaluate ideas and make data-driven decisions. Through our partnership with Prytek, we will create and acquire more exclusive datasets that will give retail investors a real edge. We will also expand our coverage to other asset classes and markets including crypto and ETFs.”

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