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Shield introduces Trade Intelligence layer to compliance suite

Source: Shield Compliance

Specialist RegTech provider Shield today announces the addition of its Trade Intelligence layer as part of its communications compliance lifecycle platform.

By utilizing AI and closely matching trade data with all relevant communications, firms can retrieve and report on specific trades faster, easier, and more accurately, along with easy sharing of this information with the appropriate regulators, to comply with investigations and avoid potential fines resulting from fraudulent or prohibited behaviours.

Roie Mandler, Head of Surveillance at Shield commented, “Trade Reconstruction is an essential capability for any regulated financial institution, but in an age of complicated regulations and ever more complicated electronic communications, this can present a ‘needle in a haystack’ situation where it is virtually impossible to achieve manually within stipulated timescales - which can be as little as 72 hours. Our platform’s automated approach saves the compliance team significant time in finding all relevant data, then presents the filtered results to the compliance officer for review and easy sharing with all stakeholders.”

Using a powerful custom-tailored, out-of-the-box model, the Shield platform considers all elements of a trade (Who, When, What), making accurate and reliable deductions through an automated approach that understands the context, jargon, and slang (including a unique ability to define aliases and commonly used synonyms in conversation) to find the related communications relevant to that specific trade. This integrated approach combines purposely built machine learning algorithms with fuzzy matching capabilities to detect products and companies in relevant parts of communication - such as small talk, news and commentary, alias usage, discreet communications relationships and more.

Shield also makes it simple to understand and present this data effectively, with personalized advanced workflows and case management to conduct Trading investigations, assign tasks and collaborate in one easy-to-use, user-centric platform. It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution and can be customised according to the organisation’s size, languages, and trading protocols.

Roie adds, “With remote work on the rise, new communications channels, less floor-side supervision, and volatile markets, do you really know what your traders are up to? It has never been more important to be able to accurately reconstruct trades in their entirety to ensure your business and its employees are conducting themselves legally and honorably. Reconstructing trades is the first step towards true Trade Intelligence, which is likely to continue evolving and providing even greater insights in the future, helping to ensure firms always have the trust of their customers and the regulators.”

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