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Computop provides merchants with card scheme tokens

Source: Computop

Computop, a leading global payment processor, has today announced that its payment platform, Computop Paygate, is now making Card Scheme Tokens, issued by major card brands, available to its merchants.

The use of tokens makes online card payments for European merchants safer and more convenient: by storing tokens, they can anchor card information in the customer account without risk, saving their customers the hassle of entering data.

In the tokenisation process, security-relevant data, for example the card number (PAN), is replaced by non-critical data that is unusable for data thieves. The aim of the card tokens is to keep the visible card number out of online payment transactions as much as possible.

The Computop-enabled Card Scheme Tokens encrypt other features such as the expiry date or the cardholder's name. In addition, device binding is checked and a unique cryptogram is generated for each new payment transaction. Because the tokens are generated individually for the shops, misuse for other payment transactions is not possible.

With the introduction of the Card Scheme Token, Computop is complementing its pseudo card number (PKN) already introduced in the early 2000s to further strengthen the security of online card payments. Later in the year, the company also plans to issue Scheme Tokens as a white label service to banks and payment service providers. For this purpose, Computop was the first German PSP to receive approval as a token service provider for the two major card brands Visa and Mastercard

About Computop - The Payment People
As one of the very first payment service providers, Computop offers its customers around the world local and innovative omnichannel solutions for payment processing and fraud prevention. The Computop Paygate payment platform enables seamless integrated payment processes for e-commerce, at POS and on mobile devices. With this internally developed software, retailers and service providers have the flexibility and freedom to choose from over 350 payment methods enabling them to specifically tailor their payment options per country. Technologies such as biometric authentication and self-learning algorithms improve security and convenience for retailers and consumers alike.

Computop, a global player with its head office in Germany and locations in China, England and the USA, has been servicing large international companies in the service, retail, mobility, gaming and travel industries for more than 20 years. These companies include global brands such as Bigpoint, C&A, Fossil, the entire Otto Group, Sixt and Swarovski. Computop also provides it payment system to banks and financial service providers as a white-label solution. Through its customer network and collaboration with the global marketplace Rakuten, Computop processes commercial payment transactions for more than 16,000 retailers annually, with a combined value of USD 34 billion. With its individual and secure solutions, Computop makes a major contribution to the future of international payment processing.

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