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Revolut ships version 8.0 of financial superapp

Source: Revolut

Revolut, the fintech with over 15 million customers worldwide, has today released the 8.0 version of its financial superapp to deliver a more simplified, customisable user experience.

Customers can now easily navigate through the app and quickly find their favourite products as Revolut's offer continues to grow with regular feature releases.

Easy access to a wide range of financial products in the new Hub
The new Hub is the key feature of the version 8.0. The Hub groups all Revolut products into one easy-to-navigate page and allows customers to easily find their favourite features by scrolling through one screen.

For a faster and simplified user experience, Revolut’s key products have already been grouped into sections and categories users are already familiar with. In this way, customers can quickly tap on what they need and smoothly navigate through the app.

Customisable home screen with new pin functionality
Users can now customise the app and pin their core products to a tidy home interface. Revolut has made a few core favourites available to pin across the top of the home screen, so that users can choose exactly what they want to see every time they launch the app.

To pin a product, customers will need to check if it’s eligible by tapping the three dots at the top right of each product page and select the option to pin to home.

Smart search with autosuggest for easier access to personal finances
The new layout of the Revolut app has become more streamlined and better accessible. In the 8.0 version, a smart search bar has been added to the top of every main tab so that users can go anywhere they need with just a tap.

An auto suggest functionality makes the searching process even more intuitive: once customers start typing in the search bar, the app will give suggested, related, or recent prompts to get to the desired product even faster.

Ivan Vazhnov, Head of Android Engineering at Revolut:
“Our latest app layout update gives our users even more capabilities on a daily basis and allows them to interact with some of their favourite Revolut products like they have never done before. The new interface brings user experience to the next level thanks to a customisable and intuitive design. We have taken into account all the feedback that we have been receiving over the last few months to introduce a new design that really meets our clients’ needs and give them even more control over their finances.”

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