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SPS rolls out transparent card range

Source: SPS

SPS, a brand of the IN Groupe, is proud to announce its new offer for transparent cards that brings a fully qualified and industrialized answer to the need of custom designs for contactless and dual interface payment cards.

Banks, traditional ones and neobanks alike, are in need of differentiation to gain new customers. They keep on designing new cards allowing them to micro-segment their clientele and show each of their cardholders the uniqueness of their status.

SPS has developed new antennas that benefit from the latest technology developments and allow a thinner design than before. Unlike wired coils, SPS antennas are printed with aluminum, allowing for an extremely stable and repeatable design, that makes it easy for designers to integrate the antenna through the card with their specific artwork and guarantee a perfect alignment of graphical items. SPS transparent card offer is compatible with many other card body options such as metal cards or cut or rounded corners.

SPS standard new antenna for transparent cards covers only two thirds of the card surface leaving a lot of space for the visuals and allowing graphical combinations between the artwork and the antenna. Certified by Visa and Mastercard, this new antenna design allows four lines of embossing on the card.

To bring even more flexibility and an always better answer to artwork designers’ demands, SPS proposes its CAI® - Custom Antenna Image - technology that allows to specify the most suitable antenna design that will combine graphical elements on the card with specific antenna features. For instance, the bank name or its logo or any other representation of card status level, can appear as a part of the antenna design, visible through the transparent plastic surfaces.

With SPS new transparent card offer, financial institutions are able to enrich their portfolio of credit and debit cards without limits: they can propose regular cards, colored edge cards, transparent cards, metal cards, or heavy cards, with an almost infinite variety of design features to micro-segment their clientele and satisfy the need for status of all market niches.

By integrating this new comprehensive offer, smart card manufacturers are able to adapt to always-evolving market demands, as they expand their product offer for their customers while improving their margin levels.

Jean-Baptiste Leos, Product Marketing Director Payment at SPS declares: “Transparent cards with either SPS standard design or specific antenna design is a strong, efficient and original differentiation means for banks for a fraction of the cost of their usual marketing campaigns.”

SPS new antenna for transparent cards are fully qualified and readily available from SPS. They are already certified by Visa and Mastercard, thus facilitating their integration in a smart card vendor manufacturing process to obtain the full satisfaction of issuing financial institutions. SPS cards build upon SPS longstanding eBooster® inductive coupling technology, which consists in using electromagnetic coupling between the antenna and the module (no physical connection between the chip and the antenna) for contactless or dual interface cards. High yields and insignificant return rates ensure that the whole process is extremely cost-effective and brings a high level of satisfaction for the issuers as well as the cardholders.

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