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Locality Bank IO and Nymbus to launch community bank serving SMBs

Source: Nymbus

Nymbus, a leading provider of banking technology solutions, today announced Locality Bank IO has selected Nymbus and its unique GROW model to launch South Florida’s newest digitally-enhanced community bank for serving small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

With the recent acquisition of two of the last community-based banks in Florida’s Broward County, the demand for a forward-thinking and relationship-focused bank has never been greater. Locality Bank IO’s mission is to use progressive technology to serve these local businesses with seamless online and mobile banking experiences that promote better control of their business finances while facilitating more significant revenue opportunities.

To accomplish this, Locality Bank IO has partnered with Nymbus who will provide the cutting-edge technology, tools and on-demand banking services to launch quickly and successfully. Nymbus’ modern, Cloud-native platform will serve as the new bank’s technology foundation, in conjunction with a full suite of Nymbus banking-as-a-service solutions for handling the essential back-end, middle, and front-end elements the bank requires.

According to Keith Costello, CEO of Locality Bank IO: “Nymbus provides an ideal solution with the go-to-market timeline that has met our needs exactly. In partnership, we are positioned to reduce key costs in getting our bank started by leveraging their BPO and call center resources to amplify what looks to be a bright future for Locality Bank.”

Furthered Corey LeBlanc, COO and CTO of Locality Bank IO: “We’ve heard the rallying cries from small and medium-sized businesses who demand better banking experiences that meet their unique needs both personally and digitally. Together with Nymbus, we’re building a new atypical bank that delivers the best of what a traditional community bank can offer while differentiating with technology that can effortlessly adapt and integrate with the latest digital products and services.”

The Locality Bank IO leaders recognize that a strong brand and a solid go-to-market strategy are vital to building a successful bank, thus tapping Nymbus Labs to lead their marketing efforts through intentional branding and comprehensive data. This partnership empowers the bank to offer robust solutions founded on speed, flexibility and meaningful growth.

“We commend Locality Bank IO for answering the call from small and medium-sized business owners feeling underserved in the financial services market,” said Jeffery Kendall, Chairman and CEO of Nymbus. “Together with our partnership model and innovative thinking, theirs is a hyperlocal bank poised to deliver on the amazing experiences these businesses need to survive and thrive.”

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