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Boku partners with French carriers to launch mobile identity services in France

Source: Boku

Boku Inc., (AIM: BOKU), the world's leading provider of mobile payment and identity solutions, and French mobile services providers SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom, today announced that they have signed a partnership to launch mobile identity products aimed at protecting consumers against cyber-hacks, account takeover attacks, SIM swap attacks, and other forms of digital fraud.

There is a growing demand for mobile identity authentication services in France as more companies continue to realize the necessity of advanced multi-factor authentication and digital identity proofing solutions in the wake of increased incidences of digital fraud.

Boku’s Digital Identity Proofing solution will match mobile subscribers account registration details to new account registration information to ensure that new accounts are being created by the person, and not a fraudster. The Phone Number Verification (Authentication) solution will verify mobile number possession directly on the device by using its built-in connectivity to the mobile operators' wireless network. Moreover, Boku will be able to provide signals around changes to the SIM card, phone number changes and reassigned numbers to further curb various common tactics of fraudsters.

Stuart Neal, General Manager for Identity, Boku, commented, "We are honored to partner with SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom to introduce a safer and more seamless digital world for mobile users in France. Boku has already built the most comprehensive network of direct mobile operator connections for identity and extending our capabilities into France is a major milestone as we continue to expand globally.”

Richard CROFT, Head of Value Design, Bouygues Telecom, commented, “As an ISP we have the means to provide extra protection to our customers’ personal information as they use digital services online. As such this partnership is key in ensuring the rapid deployment of Mobile ID, a service portfolio built in collaboration with our industry peers, where privacy-by-design is a core value. We also expect the partnership to support our continued efforts towards improving the quality and reach of such services.”

Christian Bombrun, Director of Products & Services, Orange, commented, “This partnership will ensure greater online security and convenience for all customers of Orange. We are proud to work with Boku to provide a better experience for our customers and all online services.”

Vincent Diego, Manager of SFR Pay, commented, “Protecting our customers has always been a priority for SFR. This partnership with Boku will make it possible to go further in the fight against fraud and the improvement of customer journeys on mobile devices.”

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