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NetPay releases Android-based smart terminals from PAX Technology

Source: NetPay

NetPay Merchant Services, a UK-based payment services and technology provider, in close ongoing collaboration with PAX Technology, a global payment terminal manufacturer delivering over 45 million terminals to more than 120 countries; are delighted to release the PAX family of Android payment terminals to their UK merchant customers and value-added partners.

NetPay alongside its acquirer partner and shareholder Fiserv is one of the first UK ISO’s to certify these state-of-the-art Android OS-based devices. The PAX A-series family of terminals are designed to provide fast, dependable transaction and payment services and NetPay will initially release the market-leading PAX A920 followed soon after by both the A80 and A50 to help merchants drive business recovery and to enhance their customers’ experience.

“We have long been of the opinion that payment terminals will evolve in much the same way as traditional mobile phones became smartphones. Payment terminals will no longer simply be a method of taking payments from customers, they will also be a platform to manage your business and improve your operating efficiency. This announcement today signals our commitment to the future of the payments industry, it is not only a demonstration of our commitment to deliver merchants leading technology but signals our intention to use Android as a platform to create and distribute leading apps for our payment terminals to support our merchants and provide further differentiation in the market”. Carl Churchill, Managing Director, NetPay Merchant Services

The PAX A920 is a powerful, easy-to-use payment terminal with a clean stylish design, featuring:
· A large full colour display with touch capability
· Powerful Wi-Fi that provides faster connectivity than many other payment devices
· 3G/4G connectivity for ‘off-site’ transactions and to provide back-up during Wi-Fi outages
· A built-in printer for the issuing of receipts
· A large main battery supporting full-shift operations
· A growing selection of approved Android business apps and services
· Full remote device management to improve merchant user support on-site

“We love our New Pax A920. This smart terminal is far superior to the one provided by our previous provider. The dual connection method we selected allows us to take the machine to jobs when required which has had a positive impact both on the business and the customer experience. In the future, we intend to use the loyalty app and any other features as they are available. We are receiving positive remarks from customers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both the terminal and the service we have received from NetPay. This terminal is a 5 out of 5 for us here at Dales Automotive”. Ross Butterworth, A2B Vehicles Ltd t/a Dales Automotive

The PAX A920 supports Chip & PIN plus contactless payments via cards and through smartphone apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. The cardholder PIN entry is entered securely through PIN-on-glass technology which has been enhanced to improve accessibility and was approved by the RNIB in 2020.

The clean design and sealed touchscreen of the PAX A920 make it much easier to apply regular hygiene routines and offers much greater protection from being frequently wiped down by merchants.

NetPay invites merchants to consider using a point-of-sale terminal that does more than just payments. The PAX A920 is a powerful business tool to boost in-store sales, improve the shopping or dining experience and increase customers’ loyalty.

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