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Gemini taps Alloy automate ID verification for credit card launch

Source: Gemini

Alloy, the leading identity decisioning platform for banks and fintech companies, today announced Gemini, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, will be leveraging its platform to automate identity decisions and verification for the new Gemini Credit Card.

Gemini will use Alloy to facilitate its onboarding process for credit card customers and help to ensure the right systems are in place to capture and review customer data to reduce exposure to non-compliant account openings. Gemini's recently announced novel crypto rewards credit card is regulated under the same KYC/AML protocols as traditional credit cards, meaning there's a critical need to balance approval speed with the ability to meet stringent compliance requirements.

The Gemini Credit Card will work like a traditional credit card, available to U.S. residents in every state and widely accepted wherever major cards are accepted. Cardholders will earn up to 3% back on every purchase in bitcoin or other crypto which will be automatically deposited into their Gemini account.

"With the Gemini Credit Card, our goal is to allow people to easily earn crypto on everyday purchases," said Thomas Harrison, Group Product Manager at Gemini. "Alloy's technology is the identity engine empowering us to meet the same regulatory requirements as traditional credit cards, while also providing a fast and seamless onboarding and underwriting process."

Integrating Alloy's single API with their onboarding process provides Gemini with access to more than 85 data source products to create an automated KYC/AML process built to scale with demand. During onboarding, the Alloy platform uses the integrated data sources to verify the applicant's identity. Once identity is confirmed, Alloy helps determine if the applicant is safe to lend money to and what their credit limit and APR should be based on rules set by Gemini.

"We are excited to be a part of Gemini's journey to innovate the credit card space and lessen the complexity surrounding compliance," said Tommy Nicholas, CEO and co-founder of Alloy. "By automating the traditionally manual processes involved in onboarding and underwriting, we can create a seamless experience for Gemini Credit Card applicants while also reducing overall exposure to fraud."

For those who are interested in learning more about the Gemini Credit Card, they can join the waitlist.

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