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Red Rocks Credit Union signs with Corelation

Source: Corelation

After keeping their eye on Corelation for the better part of the last decade, Red Rocks Credit Union ($355 million assets; 16,166 members; Littleton, CO) has made the decision to switch to the KeyStone core.

Corelation’s proven track record, growing customer base, and impeccable reputation among their clients ultimately won the favor of Red Rocks Credit Union.

The conversion to KeyStone will serve as the first major milestone in the credit union’s strategic digital transformation, advancing their member experience as demand rises for digital, on-the-go banking.

“It was crucial for us to choose a core solution that was designed with a modern programming language and that has a proven open API which allows for real-time integration and transaction processing,” said Red Rocks Credit Union President / CEO Pat Ahern. “Many core systems speak to having an open API, but Corelation’s API [KeyBridge] offers true integration.”

As the Colorado credit union focuses on increasing operational efficiency and scalability to grow their business, KeyStone will enable them to automate processes, streamline lending, and pass additional savings on to their members.

The opportunity to partner with a company whose strategy was in alignment with their own made the decision easier for the Red Rocks Credit Union.

“We have consistently found that their client base holds KeyStone and Corelation in high regard. With Corelation you can sense the passion throughout the organization: about the KeyStone solution, about the company, and about their client partnerships,” expressed Ahern.

Red Rocks Credit Union is scheduled to convert in early 2022.

“The members of Red Rocks Credit Union have a reliable financial partner that empowers and enables them to achieve their goals on their journey through life,” shared Corelation President/CEO Theresa Benavidez. “Our commitment to our credit union partners is founded on the same core principles of fostering strong relationships built on trust, transparency, and service. We are delighted that Red Rocks Credit Union has partnered with Corelation to better serve their community.”

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