TD Ameritrade transfers Advanced Clearing correspondents to Southwest Securities

Source: Southwest Securities

Southwest Securities, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation and the Advanced Clearing division of the company's subsidiary, Ameritrade, Inc., to transfer Advanced Clearing's correspondent clients to Southwest Securities.

Advanced Clearing has 15 correspondents.

"We are working very closely with TD Ameritrade to ensure a smooth conversion," said Southwest Securities President and CEO William D. Felder. "Our goal is to make the transition seamless and transparent for all of the correspondents and their customers. We are delighted to have this opportunity and confident that these new customers will find Southwest Securities' experienced professional staff eager to serve them. We pledge to meet their individual needs through a commitment to service excellence that exceeds their expectations."

Southwest Securities, Inc., a pioneer in the field of fully disclosed clearing with more than 30 years of experience, provides securities execution and clearing services to more than 200 introducing broker/dealers. The firm offers an advanced platform that streamlines front- and back-office processes, including such new integrated features as cost basis, document imaging, and enhanced online statements and confirmations branded with the name and logo of the correspondent firm. Southwest Securities also provides access to an online, real-time, replicated data base, which allows correspondents to better serve their customers. In addition, the integrated system provides access to third-party services, such as Wealthstation for asset management and allocation.

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