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Nymbus takes the wraps off digital banking portfolio

Source: Nymbus

NYMBUS, a leading provider of banking technology solutions, today introduced Nymbus Labs to the financial services market.

Built and operated to systematically remove barriers to digital banking innovation, Labs brings together Nymbus’ world-class development, marketing and user experience teams to amplify the capabilities of traditional institutions and extend their reach to new niche segments for next-generation growth.

With Nymbus Labs, partnering banks and credit unions have three unique opportunities to leverage a digital bank brand and explore new revenue streams, attract new market segments and expand their reach NOW:

Buy: Choose from one of Nymbus’ pre-built, successfully incubated digital niche banks. Each comes fully chartered with committed customers, a business plan, a marketing strategy, full operational support and a playbook for continued growth.
Create: Nymbus brings an idea to life by ensuring the institution has everything needed to deliver a successful digital bank in 90 days - including the brand and go-to-market strategy.
Grow: For existing digital banks, Nymbus conducts a thorough, data driven review to make recommendations that ensure every dollar invested drives profitable growth.

Today, Nymbus Labs is already working with over a dozen customers across a variety of institutions. This includes established brands creating a fintech solution to drive customer loyalty, to traditional brick and mortar institutions looking to purchase a niche bank for growth. Among the Nymbus Labs portfolio of pre-built banks to choose from, Hitched is the latest concept ready for launch. It opens for pre-sign-ups today, tailored for newlyweds and their unique needs.

“Challengers don’t own digital. Rather, growth opportunities exist for any size financial institution willing to pursue new paths using flexible technology and innovative new approaches,” said Jeffery Kendall, Chairman and CEO of Nymbus. “We believe niche is the new local for banks and credit unions. Nymbus Labs was created to help institutions innovate beyond the boundaries of traditional banking and strategically compete in new niche spaces, spur disruptive growth, and build lifetime value for customers.”

Recently appointed to lead the Labs team is Liz High, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Nymbus. For nearly three decades, Liz has used data and insights to create elevated customer experiences for some of the world’s most enduring brands. By bringing her own marketing perspective, thought leadership and proven customer-centric and data-driven approaches to Nymbus, her role is pivotal in empowering banks and credit unions with a powerful combination of technology, people and processes that delivers meaningful customer experiences to drive loyalty and sustained growth.

“In a digital-as-default world, the new growth model is not about technology or adding more features. It’s about understanding the customer and delivering value. Nymbus is not simply building digital banks, we’re launching and supporting successful banks set up for growth through dynamic customer experiences,” said High.

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