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Smarsh breaks down compliance barriers for Zoom meetings

Source: Smarsh

Smarsh, enabling organizations to manage the risk and uncover the value within their electronic communications, today announced the launch of three applications to the Zoom App Marketplace.

These applications build on the existing product integrations between Smarsh and Zoom at a time when demand for virtual meeting capabilities has surged across heavily regulated global banks, wealth management, and other financial institutions. As of today, Smarsh for Meetings, Smarsh for Phone, and Smarsh for Chat make capturing and archiving data even easier on Zoom.

"We are thrilled to expand our integration with Zoom and provide customers with comprehensive compliance solutions," said Adam Miller-Howard, Smarsh VP Business Development. "The new Smarsh apps on the Zoom App Marketplace expand on our unmatched leadership in capturing and archiving all Zoom chat, voice, and video data. Financial services firms can now take advantage of Zoom's popular chat capabilities while still meeting FINRA, SEC, and international regulatory requirements."

In its February 2021 Examination and Risk Monitoring Program Letter, FINRA noted that in previous exam findings firms were not maintaining policies, nor did they have sufficient supervisory procedures to identify and respond to red flags in business-related communications, including collaborative apps or "electronic sales seminars" in chat rooms. It reiterated that firms must supervise and maintain books and records in accordance with SEC and FINRA rules for all approved communications channels used to interact with the public.

"Companies must comply with rigorous and evolving regulations, even as more of our employees than ever have been working outside of the office," said Smarsh CEO Brian Cramer. "Zoom, as reported in our recent 10th Annual Risk and Compliance Survey, went from a nice-to-have to being essential to business operations. The Smarsh applications on the Zoom App Marketplace give organizations easy access to tools that will ensure they can take advantage of Zoom meetings, phone, and chat while remaining compliant. Firms must future-proof their compliance so they can avoid penalties, fines, and adverse headlines while employees work from home."

"We are proud that Smarsh is part of our ISV Partner Program to enable our valued customers to capture, archive, analyze, and better understand all their valuable communications data generated while using our platform," said Paul Magnaghi, Global ISV Program Leader at Zoom. "The additional Smarsh apps now available on our Zoom App Marketplace better enable regulated firms to use Zoom."

Zoom customers can use the Smarsh apps to capture and send content automatically generated through Zoom meetings, Zoom rooms, Zoom phone, and in-meeting and out-of-meeting chat to the Smarsh Connected Archive or third-party applications, archives, or data lakes. Their other value-add features include:

• Monitoring for sensitive information, suspicious behavior, and abusive language
• Transcribing audio content in over 120 languages and regional dialects
• Searching transcripts and metadata and playing back Zoom audio alongside all other voice and text-based content within your archive
• Enabling the fast, effective Supervision,Discovery, and search capabilities by nearly any criteria

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