CipherTrust launches phishing monitoring site

Source: CipherTrust

Continuing its initiative to restore trust in messaging communications and prevent phishing attacks, CipherTrust, Inc., today launched, a free online resource where legitimate organizations may register their Websites and receive notifications of online fraud attempts.

The site ultimately helps safeguard organizations and end users by detecting phishing scams that fraudulently use a company's name. monitors the content of legitimate Websites and alerts companies when attempts to duplicate their Websites are detected. Legitimate organizations can use these alerts to actively inform customers of phishing attacks and to assist with other efforts to combat fraud. Users are also able to register their own Websites, as well as other legitimate Websites that they may use such as financial institutions, to help ensure their sensitive information is protected.

"Online fraud is a race between the bad guys, who rush to post false sites to snare unsuspecting users, and the good guys - legitimate businesses protecting their brand and their customers," said Dr. Paul Judge, chief technology officer at CipherTrust. "Think of as a 'neighborhood watch' that dramatically speeds the pace at which organizations are notified of phishing attempts - a significant advantage in the race to ensure trust in the Internet and in online communications."

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