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Quva launches platform for private equity sector

Source: Quva

A North-East based fintech firm has been launched with the aim of digitally transforming the way private equity firms, venture capital funds and angel investment networks currently manage the end-to-end investment process.

Quva’s software platform streamlines the way alternative investment managers originate, transact and monitor their investment portfolios.

The software as a service (SaaS) business has been developed to enhance the investment management process and deliver a highly customisable, scalable and intuitive platform for alternative investment professionals.

Quva has been established by FCA authorised fintech firm Growth Capital Ventures (GCV) and was developed within its venture builder division G-Labs, which specialises in creating, launching and scaling technology-led businesses that have the potential to transform industry sectors.

With a sector-focused team who have previously built enterprise-level software for some of the sector's leading firms, Quva already has a wealth of experience, but the company also has ambitious growth plans that will see the creation of an additional 30 or more new roles over the next three years.

At present, alternative investment managers such as VC funds, private equity firms and angel investment networks typically use a combination of third-party software solutions and in-house manual processes. While these processes are robust they can be time consuming and inefficient.

Craig Peterson, co-founder and chief operating officer at GCV said: “Venture capital and private equity is a critical source of investment for the high growth businesses that drive innovation, job creation and economic growth.

Our purpose is to help alternative investment managers drive efficiency and support value creation across the whole investment lifecycle, from deal origination, through to portfolio management and exit.”

Tony Short, project lead for Quva and programme director at GCV, explained: “Quva is a powerful software product built by investment professionals for investment professionals.

“The project team has built several bespoke software solutions for the fintech and alternative investment sector already, so this experience combined with the industry knowledge of the GCV investment team has been instrumental in the development of such a powerful software-as-a-service solution.”

Phil Docherty, head of sales and marketing at Quva, added: “Our clients want a software solution that is intuitive, highly configurable and highly customisable. It's essential that we can quickly tailor Quva to meet our client’s exact needs and integrate seamlessly with their current business processes and workflows.

“The team has developed a software-as-a-service solution that allows us to achieve just that.

“This is an exciting time for the alternative investment sector, digital transformation is playing a critical part in supporting this thriving ecosystem. Our expertise and experience mean we are well placed to help our clients use technology to drive positive change.”

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