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CoinShares raises SEK151.1 million from listing on Nasdaq First North growth market

Source: CoinShares

The subscription period for shares in the initial public offering (the “Offering”) from CoinShares International Limited (“CoinShares” or the “Company”) ended Tuesday, 2 March, 2021.

The outcome of the Offering shows that the Offering was subscribed to 447% and that the Company will receive proceeds of SEK 151.1 million before issue costs.

The Offering of SEK 151.1 million was covered by subscription commitments of SEK 125.5 million, corresponding to 83% of the total Offering. In addition to these subscription undertakings, the Company received retail subscriptions amounting to SEK 549.5 million from a total of 12,523 subscribers, representing an oversubscription of 2,046% of the shares available to retail investors.

Overall, subscriptions were therefore received for a total of SEK 675.0 million (including subscription commitments received prior to the Offering), corresponding to 447% of the total Offering.

The price in the Offering had been set to SEK 44.9 per share. As the Offering has been fully subscribed, CoinShares will receive SEK 151.1 million before issue costs.

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