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Piraeus selects Antelop as mobile payments processor

Source: Antelop

Piraeus Bank, the largest card issuer in Greece and among the top 50 European debit card issuers, has selected Antelop Solutions as its long-term digital payments partner, enabling the Βank to provide its customers with a large range of advanced digital card and mobile payments solutions.

“We are pioneers in digital banking in Greece, as we were the first to establish winbank, our internet and mobile banking solution in the market” says Nikos Petrakis, Director of Cards Business at Piraeus Bank. In the current COVID-19 situation, Piraeus Bank is experiencing a strong increase in e-commerce and contactless payments: “We have seen an immediate active usage from our customers of NFC mobile payments that we offered through winbank pay, our new service is powered by Antelop. Thus, we decided to launch winbank pay directly through our mobile banking application for digitizing both Visa and Mastercard cards.”

A successful technology partnership

"For the winbank pay project we cooperated with Antelop from the early beginning. Antelop teams are tokenization and digital cards experts, trustworthy and very effective in all aspects, resulting in a very successful partnership. [...]
This was because winbank pay is integrated directly into Piraeus’ banking app, increasing the required expertise in working harmoniously with the core digital banking services of the bank. In addition, the use of NFC technology at the mobile banking app offers a secure way to pay with, provides more card control to the end-users and builds mobile-first customer experience”.

“It is essential to find a partner with such a level of cooperation like we have with Antelop and for this reason we are exploring new areas of partnership around digital cards”.

“We are honored by Piraeus Bank’s trust and glad to help the Bank build the future of Digital Cards” stated Timothée Grüner, CCO of Antelop. [...]
Through winbank pay, Piraeus Bank customers can instantly digitize their Visa or Mastercard cards and perform seamless NFC mobile payments, all from their daily banking app.

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