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Beem It integrates with BPay

Source: Beem It

In staying true to Beem It’s user-first approach, the fintech recently turned to its users to help determine what was next.

BPAY® proved to be a crowd-pleaser, with over 75% saying they would be interested, of which over half were ‘very interested’*, highlighting the desirability for such a service in the app.

The BPAY integration is a logical extension of existing peer-to-peer features on the platform, such as splitting the cost of bills and tracking expenses. The feature was built relying heavily on customer research which formed the backbone of the design. Addressing key pain points with clear and simple bill entry and instant validation the right biller is being paid.

“Our BPAY integration, while mirroring the existing intuitive, simple nature of Beem It payments, has also addressed key customer concerns by incorporating the validation of biller codes and arrival date estimations for funds, this helps to reassure users about where their money is going and when it will get there,” said Jason Backhouse, Head of Operations at Beem It.

According to Backhouse, the team “wanted to create a simple, integrated experience for customers, that enabled them to get their bills paid quickly and with confidence. Bills for the most part are a painful experience, but hopefully this makes them a little less so.”

The split functionality offers users an easy way to share the cost of the bill within their network.

Beem It has also indicated that it plans to continue building on this service to align with customer feedback on the initial offering. Some of these iterations include the ability to schedule bill payments, reminders for upcoming payments and the integration of BPAY View®.

“The strong demand by Beem It users for BPAY yet again reinforces that BPAY is Australia’s preferred way to pay bills^,” says Keith Brown, GM of Product at BPAY Group.
“We’ve worked hand in hand with the team at Beem It to ensure that the BPAY service meets the needs of their users. We’re also continuing to work with Beem It to offer their customers additional features, like the ability to receive their Bills in the Beem It app using BPAY View,” he adds.

To learn more about BPAY on Beem It, head to www.beemit.com.au/bpay, or for more information regarding Beem It visit www.beemit.com.au. BPAY is made available by over 150 BPAY participants. You should obtain a PDS from your relevant BPAY participant and consider whether BPAY is right for you.

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