Moven wins contract with Japan's Kyushu Financial Group

Source: Moven

Nihon Unisys will start a joint project with Kyushu Financial Group (KFG) to adapt the U.S. neobankservice “Moven” for KFG’s smartphone app to be provided to the region’s customers centered on digital natives.

Through the provision of Moven, Nihon Unisys will support KFG’s creation of new services and valuesusing digital technologies.

As Moven’s solepartner in Japan, Nihon Unisys will also aim to sell Moven to a wide variety of customers, not only in banking but also e-payment providers and credit card companies as well as non-financial companies such as those in the retail industry.

Today, the move to digital due to progress in technology can also be seen in the financial industry, and we are at the crossroads of creating new relationships with customers. Since the 1980’s, online banking and mobile banking had led digital banking, butwith the recent COVID crisis, the rebuilding of customer touch points both online and offline has become a priority.

In Japan, not only the digitization of traditional financial services but the provision of services using new technologies such as AI to maintain and expand the ongoing relationships with customers is required.

Nihon Unisys shares the U.S. fintech company Moven’s concept of “customer experience-centric” services and has entered into a partnership with Moven to provide new added value by providing UI/UX to nudge users in Japan to change their behaviors.

Kyushu Financial Group has selected Moven to create touch points with and to acquire digital native customers (those in their teens to 30’s), whom traditional banks have not been able to reach fully, through providing “customer experience-centric” digital banking services.

Based on the concept of “services that closely follow the customer’s life journey” as proposed by the company’s founder Brett King, Moven provides services built from the ground up with UI/UX designed around the customer experience. Contextual data is used to provide personalized insight on spending to support the customer’s money management to help them “spend, save andlive smarter.”

The bank can build new relationships with customers to support them in living better lives and in achieving their dreams.

Nihon Unisys’ authentication service Resonatex/AduMewill also be used, providing the bank withintegrated ID managementthat can be used with future service expansions.

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