Milford National Bank & Trust deploys Diebold self-service technology

Source: Diebold

When planning their new Hopkinton location, executives at The Milford National Bank & Trust Company in Hopkinton, Mass., wanted a new, ultra-modern branch with the latest self-service technology that would serve customers quickly and efficiently and ease teller workloads.

And that's exactly what Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) provided: an innovative branch fully equipped with the most up-to-date self-service and security products.

"Our goal with this project was to create a high-efficiency banking office with fewer staff but more technology to facilitate routine transactions," said Kenneth Cole, president of The Milford National Bank & Trust Company. "The self-service technology will ultimately allow our customer service representatives to focus more on value-add services."

Located amid a cluster of technology-based companies about 35 miles west of Boston, and adjoined to a Dunkin Donuts that adds to foot traffic, the 2,000 square-foot facility boasts three offices, two teller stations, a customer service counter and an online banking station. A concierge welcomes customers and helps familiarize them with the following Diebold customer service options:

  • Two drive-up Vacuum Air Tube systems - Compact, ergonomic pneumatic tube systems that safely transport customer and merchant documents. Transactions are enhanced with Diebold communications systems and one-way or two-way closed-circuit television.

  • Two Diebold RemoteTeller Systems - A technology that accommodates any transaction traditionally conducted via the teller line. RemoteTeller increases teller productivity because two or more customers can be served simultaneously at a walk-up banking unit that uses pneumatic tube technology (similar to the drive-up) to exchange cash, checks, coins, receipts and other materials. Communication is facilitated via a two-way video and audio connection. Additionally, tellers can be relocated to less costly and more accessible areas of the facility.
  • Two ExpressDelivery systems - An automatic cash-dispensing terminal that boosts teller productivity and increases customer satisfaction and security while reducing costs in teller operations.
  • Two Opteva ATMs, including a drive-up unit and an indoor walk-up unit that will ultimately dispense coupons, print statements and offer deposit automation.
  • A Securomatic After Hour Depository - A through-the-wall unit that provides convenient and secure bag or envelope deposits.
  • Digital surveillance, video cameras, alarms and alarm monitoring.

Diebold's Product Applications Services, a consulting group that partners with financial institutions to assist with the integration of new technologies, aided executives at the Milford National Bank in choosing from a myriad of Diebold solutions to help retain customers and grow their business in response to competitive industry trends.

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