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Allpay preps eco card

Source: allpay

Top FinTech allpay has long been proud of its green credentials. As part of its commitment to a greener future, it is now aiming to add an ‘eco card’ to its Bill Payments offering.

The plastic swipecards, launched to market over 25 years ago to facilitate revenue collection within the UK public and social housing sector, will by spring 2021 become degradable. The company are planning a full replacement of present PVC stock and upgrades to its technical functionality.

“We’ve been green in-house for a number of years, producing thousands of PVC cards year on year, however, we’d like to help align our partners with a greener strategy” said Michelle Pacey, commercial director.

“allpay now have the ability to introduce degradable swipe cards to the wider market, with no deterioration in technical quality or capability, which will help to support our customers with their journey’s in becoming greener” she said.

Having introduced a degradable material into its manufacturing process allpay has been able to create a card that combines customary durability with the capacity to decompose under the correct conditions - such as a compost bin.

The upgrade for all clients to an eco-card will be a positive step forward, whilst being able to maintain the technical properties, physical characteristics and aesthetics of their original counterparts as well as a brand new mag stripe will mean the card is less susceptible to interference.

The eco-cards are expected to hit the market in spring this year, with existing clients being offered the opportunity to switch to the eco-upgrade to replace existing card stock ahead of launch. 

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