Codefarm incorporates Reoch Credit's CDO pricing model with Galapagos

Source: Codefarm Software

Codefarm Software Limited has integrated Reoch Credit's CDO pricing model into its Galapagos software platform giving clients the option of using a market-leading pricing model with new generation portfolio optimization software.

By tackling the most computationally complex elements of CDO trading with proven high-performance optimization and an industry-standard model, this strategic partnership will enable more CDO issuers to benefit from enhanced spreads and automated structuring.

Codefarm's Galapagos consistently enhances CDO spreads and saves time and resources. Its radical approach to solving highly complex numerical and combinatorial problems without the need for making simplifying assumptions can now incorporate the Reoch CDO pricing model which is being widely adopted by financial institutions.

"The increasing standardisation of pricing methodologies means that our partnership with Reoch Credit, a cutting-edge credit derivative pricing model specialist, will appeal to our existing and prospective clients," explained Jeremy Mabbitt, Managing Director of Codefarm. "While it remains an option, it is no longer necessary for clients to integrate their own proprietary pricing model with Galapagos. CDO issuers can now improve their operational performance and benefit from enhanced spreads based on a benchmarked pricing model in a highly automated manner."

"Codefarm's new approach to the complex task of CDO structuring is very impressive," commented James Wood, Managing Director of Reoch Credit. "We had no hesitation in partnering with them so that our pricing model is available alongside proven top-performing financial optimization software."

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