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BNP Paribas rolls out payment tracking to corporate clients

Source: BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas' BENEtracker solution provides corporates with greater fluidity in international payments and a better cash management capability.

It also gives them access to a simple, user friendly and secure platform to the beneficiaries of their transactions.

BENEtracker is based on BNP Paribas' SWIFT GPI Metroline, which provides international payment issuers with real time visibility on the progress and status of each transaction until the credit of the beneficiary's account. It's a solution without any technical constraints for the beneficiary and one that guarantees strong protection of sensitive data. BNP Paribas corporate customers can thus make it possible for their beneficiaries to benefit from the traceability of payment in real time and in a very secure way, thus ensuring efficiency, transparency and trust.

‘The complexity of an international transfer for companies lies in the dependence of a long chain of actors and regulations to complete the transaction. BENEtracker makes it possible to trace and streamline international payments. This solution also meets the growing cash management needs of corporate clients in an increasingly complex and globalised operating environment. ‘Explains Marc Spain Head of Payments and Cash Management at BNP Paribas.

BENEtracker is accessible to all BNP Paribas corporate clients, via their e-banking tool - Connexis Cash or Ma Banque Entreprise.

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