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Hivera brings regulatory risk scoring to financial services

Source: hivera

Financial services Chief Risk Officers and Heads of Compliance can now, for the first time ever, visualise and mitigate the regulatory risk in their entire unstructured data estate, thanks to hivera, a new regtech platform for financial services firms, designed to bring regulatory risk under control.

A new platform from data solutions provider, Automated-Intelligence, hivera enables clients to observe their unstructured data, assigning a tailored regulatory risk score based on the financial services firm’s risk appetite to that data, and automating the identification and remediation of threats to help mitigate associated risks.

Demonstrate Control
An estimated 80 percent of all data is unstructured. Until now, due to the challenges associated with discovering, analysing and managing unstructured data, this has created a significant challenge for compliance professionals, who are under increasing pressure from regulators to demonstrate compliance against policies and regulatory standards over all of their data.

hivera solves this problem. It indexes text-extractable content, providing users with advanced search capability to categorise personal information and commercially-sensitive data through metadata, security, keyword, phrases, and regular expression pattern matching.

Meanwhile, through the hivera dashboard, firms are presented with a risk score which correlates to the regulations they are subject to. In-depth insights enable them to visualise and address key compliance and regulatory risks within their data, whether retention related, security-related or a matter of personal and sensitive data. Moreover, with its user-friendly reporting modules, compliance professionals can quickly and easily provide compliance updates within the organisation or to regulators.

Automate Regulatory Risk Mitigation

In addition to significantly reducing regulatory risk and minimising human error, the hivera platform also offers huge resource, time and cost savings through automation. This is achieved through the application of fully-audited polices to categorised data, which enables ongoing data compliance and remediation. Policies applied against categorised data can perform deletions or archiving according to organisational retention schedules.

“hivera is transforming how financial services firms view unstructured data,” comments Simon Cole, CEO at Automated Intelligence. “By providing greater visibility and control over their unstructured data estate, we’re improving data analysis, data privacy, data protection and risk mitigation capabilities of our clients.”

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