Missouri Bankers Association and MBABSC sign for Bisys retirement services

Source: Bisys Retirement Services

BISYS has entered into a strategic alliance with the Missouri Bankers Association (MBA) and the MBA Bankers Service Corporation (MBABSC).

The alliance is intended to provide IRA and qualified retirement plan solutions to member banks of the association, including Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and the new Health Savings Accounts.

For nearly 30 years, BISYS Retirement Services, Inc. has provided a wide range of supporting product and service solutions to Missouri banks. Solutions include, but are not limited to: instructor-led education, 800 Consulting Service, user-friendly retirement forms and documents, and publications such as IRA Training & Reference Manual, Health Savings Account Compliance & Operations Manual, and Retirement Plans Bulletin. In addition, this new endorsement includes BISYS' latest technology products including distance learning alternatives, electronic form images, Internet publications, and a comprehensive line of Internet education and document generation solutions designed for current and potential clients of the bank.

According to Steve Christenson, vice president of BISYS Retirement Products and Solutions, "The Missouri Bankers Association and MBABSC have a strong history of researching and recommending vendors that provide quality solutions to their member banks. With their selection of BISYS, they confirm that BISYS delivers timely and effective retirement and health savings solutions to Missouri banks."

"We look forward to working with BISYS to help our member banks meet their customers’ IRA and other retirement plan needs," said Carol Barnett, MBA Vice President of Products and Services. "BISYS is a great partner for the MBA because of their history and experience with the banking industry and their commitment to success."

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