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Refinitiv makes ESG company scores free, rolls out ESG voice app

Source: Refinitiv

Building on its commitment to drive positive change through its data and insight, Refinitiv today announced that its ESG company scores are now available for free on Refinitiv.com.

Users will also now have access to Refinitiv ESG data through the Refinitiv ESG Voice App.

Refinitiv remains committed to driving transparency around Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) information to reduce opacity in this critical area. Making ESG company scores freely available on Refinitiv’s public website enables anyone to see the ESG footprint, based on publicly disclosed data, of over 10,000 companies. For any company wanting to submit additional information there is a contributor tool to enable a fully comprehensive dataset that encourages disclosure.

The Refinitiv ESG Company Scores are designed to transparently and objectively measure a company's relative ESG performance, commitment and effectiveness across 10 main themes, based on publicly available and auditable data. The scores are derived from Refinitiv’s database of 450+ company-level ESG measures, of which a subset of 186 of the most comparable and material data points power the overall company assessment and scoring process. The underlying measures are based on considerations around comparability, impact, data availability and industry relevance that varies across each industry group.

The Refinitiv ESG Voice App is designed to equip users with voice access through Alexa or Google-enabled smart speakers, to ask their voice assistant for the ESG score of any company in the Refinitiv ESG database. Learn how to access the Alexa Skill and Google Action at www.refinitiv.com/esg-voice.

Leon Saunders Calvert, Head of Sustainable Investing, Lipper and I&A Insights, Refinitiv, said: “The ESG footprint of a company is no longer a niche consideration for investors or indeed wider stakeholders such as employees, regulators, consumers, policy makers, and society at large. Improvements will come to the transparency of ESG reporting by companies and the financial community and Refinitiv believes that we can play a role in supporting the disclosure process through making our company ESG scores freely available, both promoting open access to information and encouraging further information submission by companies who want to demonstrate their progress on sustainability issues.”

In 2020, Refinitiv debuted Fund ESG Scores to facilitate industry transition to sustainable investing, followed by Refinitiv Deals Intelligence Sustainable Finance League Table Rankings - the first and only rankings to combine both sustainable products and sustainable companies resulting in the market’s most comprehensive sustainable league tables. In 2019, Refinitiv brought together its ESG Sustainable Investing and Lipper Fund Ratings businesses to increase focus on unearthing links between sustainable business strategies and financial performance.

Refinitiv has been serving the financial industry with ESG data and solutions for over 18 years and offers one of the richest ESG databases in the industry - a fully transparent resource that is trusted by investors and corporates to drive positive impact and provide comprehensive analysis. As members of the UN Global Compact, Refinitiv is part of a community of 9,000+ businesses across 135 countries that are committed to operating with responsible business practices at its core.

Refinitiv ESG data is designed to help investors make sound, sustainable investment decisions, our ESG data covers 80% of global market cap and over 450 metrics.

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