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Leaders Credit Union goes live with Sensibill digital receipt management tech

Source: Sensibill

Sensibill, the leading provider of everyday financial tools and SKU-level insights that drive personalization and help make financial wellness attainable for all, today announced that Jackson, Tenn.-based Leaders Credit Union has launched the company’s digital receipt management solution to help members better budget and track expenses, supporting the ultimate goal of achieving financial wellness.

The $520 million-asset credit union leads with a digital-first strategy, partnering with fintech providers like Sensibill to offer value and convenience to its members at no additional cost. Leaders prioritizes equipping their consumers and business members with the necessary tools to make smarter financial decisions from within the institution’s NCR-powered mobile banking app. The credit union recognized that Sensibill’s technology could strategically support this strategy, prompting the partnership. Because of the solution’s wide range of use cases, the credit union plans to leverage the technology to engage with members and non-members alike, with both business and retail services in mind.

Leigh Anne Bentley, chief marketing officer at Leaders, said, “Providing members with digital resources that deliver value and strengthen their financial health has always been our goal, and that mission is especially important today. Not only does Sensibill provide easy-to-use tools to help members with budgeting, warranties and returns, and taxes, but our members also gain greater visibility into their finances, spending habits, and behaviors, empowering them to make better financial decisions. This solution is a strong addition to our financial wellness program and will benefit members throughout the community.”

The Sensibill solution helps members better prepare for tax season by eliminating the need to use multiple products or tedious manual processes to separate business and personal receipts. Instead, receipts are digitized and made easily exportable and searchable, saving time and reducing stress. In addition to providing convenience to members, Sensibill’s technology enables the credit union to strengthen member relationships, drive engagement, and help members with additional financial resources.

Corey Gross, Co-founder and CEO of Sensibill, stated, “The pandemic has proven that members aren’t planning for their financial futures in years or months, but rather in terms of weeks or even days. By leveraging our technology, Leaders members can eliminate the inefficiencies and headaches of organizing and analyzing paper receipts. At the same time, members can easily and proactively manage their expenses and form healthier financial habits. We are proud to partner with institutions like Leaders that recognize the importance of providing modern, digital tools to strengthen engagement while simultaneously helping members achieve financial wellness.” 

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