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PayByCar comes to 30 Massachusetts gas stations

Source: PayByCar

PayByCar, Inc., an innovative provider of transactional vehicle payment solutions, has announced the implementation of their services at all 30 Alltown gas stations in Massachusetts, where customers will be able to pay for gas and other goods directly from their mobile device, without ever having to take out cash, a credit card, or mobile app.

Those with E-ZPass™ toll transponders who register for PayByCar™ on the PayByCar website (www.mypaybycar.com) will be able to easily pay for their fuel, without having to touch the gas station keypad, by using their transponders. Vehicles without a toll transponder can use PayByCar’s own non-toll sticker to enroll.

“Following the success of PayByCar’s first in the nation breakthrough test pilot program at Alltown of Westborough last year, we are proud to expand our pay-by-text service throughout Massachusetts,” said Kevin Condon, CEO and founder of PayByCar.

Upon entering a participating gas station, PayByCar recognizes your car’s transponder and sends a text to your smartphone. Simply reply with just the pump number and PayByCar automatically turns that pump on, registers the transaction, charges your card, and sends you an e-receipt. To enroll, just text ENROLL to 617-249-7524 and follow the web link provided. No more swiping cards, entering PINS, or waiting for paper receipts. In addition to eliminating multiple points of touching a public surface, the process also cuts transaction and refueling time by 73% for patrons during the winter months.

“We’re living at a time when contactless payments are increasingly important,” said Mark Cosenza, Senior Vice President at Global Partners LP, owner of Alltown convenience stores. “We’re excited to offer drivers not only the convenience of simple and quick transactions, but also the added safety and peace of mind during the age of COVID-19.

Massachusetts-based Global Partners has nearly 300 company-owned convenience stores, including Alltown and Alltown Fresh®. PayByCar became available at four Alltown locations in Marlborough, Framingham, Wellesley, and Westborough MA, with the 26 more Massachusettes locations rolling out in 2021.

The technology will soon be available for other kinds of transactions such as paying at convenience stores, car washes, drive-thrus, and restaurants in 2021. Since PayByCar’s launch, the company has made waves in the business technology world, leading to an unprecedented non-toll services pilot agreement with the E-ZPass Group in 2018 that allows the PayByCar product to leverage the transponder devices E-ZPass drivers already use to pay for highway tolls across 18 states -- a service the agency group calls “Driven by E-ZPass”. 

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