InfoSend integrates ACI's e-Courier for EBPP services

Source: ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq: TSAI), a leading international provider of enterprise payment solutions, today announced that InfoSend, a leading bill printing, mailing and e-billing company, has integrated ACI e-Courier into its solutions to offer its clients both print-and-mail and multi-channel electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) services.

In addition, the company is using e-Courier for electronic alerting services for clients both directly and through third-party service providers. With ACI e-Courier, InfoSend offers EBPP services that include multi-channel access, delivery, and payment including secure web-presentment, e-mail alerting, e-mail delivery, and automated or self-directed payment initiation using ACH and cards.

Responding to an increasing demand from its diverse customer base, InfoSend selected e-Courier to provide a broader array of enhanced services for its growing client base and to transition its services from print-and-mail only to electronic access, delivery and payment. InfoSend required a solution flexible enough to provide independently branded EBPP services to the vast array of the companies they serve. With the successful implementation of e-Courier, InfoSend is now providing these services directly to corporate and government clients to help them reduce their billing and payment costs and to other third-party processors as a means to generate additional revenues.

"ACI is helping us achieve several vital goals with e-Courier, including offering our clients a solution for EBPP, enabling them to reduce their billing costs and to collect funds owed faster with increased efficiency and cost effectiveness," said Russ Rezai, vice president of development, InfoSend. "It allows us to offer our clients a competitive and complete set of billing services that span print-and-mail, electronic billing and electronic payment. Similarly, we are able to offer our services to clients of a large corporate banking customer that differentiates the services the bank offers its clients, gives them a competitive advantage, strengthens their relationship with corporate clients and protects the payment-clearing revenues they receive from those clients. e-Courier will enable us to drive the cost and time associated with paper-based bill production and delivery down across the board."

Innovative companies worldwide are using e-Courier both in-house and through service providers to reduce costs, enhance customer loyalty, and build competitive advantage through cost and time savings over traditional means of corresponding with their clients. Designed as a comprehensive electronic correspondence solution that securely delivers content-rich information electronically, ACI's e-Courier replaces paper as the primary means of communication by leveraging the Web, email, and wireless devices.

"We are greatly encouraged by the early success of e-Courier at InfoSend, especially as it is used to offer services to our traditional banking customers as means to protect their payment processing franchise," said Robert Cronin, vice president payment systems, ACI Worldwide. "It brings ACI closer to its vision of providing solutions to the marketplace that span all forms of retail and corporate payments. As our base of e-Courier customers continues to grow, companies have shown that they are able to drive their costs associated with production and delivery of paper-based correspondence down, and offer secure e-billing and electronic payment services for customers as a practical alternative. InfoSend further defines their competitive advantage by fully leveraging e-Courier’s capabilities and using it as platform from which they offer new services to their customers."

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