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Archax boasts of sustainable exchange model in partenrship with Moss

Source: Archax

6th January 2021 – Archax, the forthcoming FCA regulated digital securities exchange, has today announced a partnership with MOSS, a global leader in environmental programs, to promote both carbon offsetting to its issuers and a sustainable exchange operating model.

MOSS was founded with the mission to tackle global warming and to foster sustainable actions, ensuring a better planet for future generations. MOSS operates one of the first and largest digital carbon offsetting platforms targeting the Amazon rain forest, and so democratising access to carbon credit tokens for the compensation of CO2 footprints for all - from individuals right up to the world's largest companies.

Graham Rodford, CEO of Archax, comments: “Archax is a digitally native exchange which has been built with the ESG principles of sustainability and inclusivity throughout. We are keen not only to offset our own carbon usage, but to measure the ESG rating of all the issuances that are admitted to our exchange, as well as provide them with easy access to trade carbon tokens to offset their own carbon usage too. We are extremely pleased to be working with MOSS to help facilitate this and look forward to having their carbon tokens trade on our regulated marketplace.”

Luis Felipe Adaime, CEO and Founder of MOSS, adds: “The MOSS token democratizes carbon offsetting and increases funding for the conservation of the environment, as well as for greenhouse gas emission reduction. The purchase of MOSS carbon credits goes immediately toward projects for the preservation of the Amazon forest, which includes fighting deforestation, acting against global warming and protecting fauna, flora and water resources in that region”.

Archax, which plans to launch later this year, is focused on institutions and professional investors, as well as all types of digital assets globally. It is the first firm to be regulated by the FCA as a digital securities exchange, brokerage and custodian, and was the first firm to achieve VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) status in the UK via its FCA Cryptoasset Register listing.

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