Parlano introduces Edge Services programme

Source: Parlano

Parlano Inc., the leading provider of persistent group messaging and enterprise instant messaging solutions, today announced Parlano Edge Services, a services program for the deployment of the company's MindAlign solution.

The Edge Services program extends Parlano's previous service capabilities to create an end-to-end services package that incorporates best practices developed from years of successfully deploying Real-Time Collaboration solutions in mission critical environments.

"Careful, up-front planning is essential to the success of Collaborative Business Knowledge tools, and often overlooked. Mapping out an implementation can make the difference between a successful deployment and shelfware," said Jonathan B. Spira, CEO and Chief Analyst at Basex, the recognized expert in Collaborative Business Environments, the intersection of content, knowledge, and collaboration within the enterprise. "Offerings such as Parlano Edge Services provide the customer with the support required to ensure implementation of their customers' original requirements."

With more active enterprise deployments in the financial services industry than any other vendor, Parlano has extensive experience and knowledge deploying proven and effective persistent group messaging and instant messaging solutions in business environments.

"Parlano's relationship with customers has never ended with the delivery of the software," said Parlano Chairman and CEO, Nick Fera. "We work with our customers to understand the issues facing their business and how we can work together to achieve the objectives they have set."

"Parlano was intimately involved with Canaccord Adams’ deployment of MindAlign, from initial planning to ongoing user training," said Mark Maybank, EVP and Canaccord Adams’ Global Head of Research and Operations. "Parlano's services team demonstrated a thorough knowledge of our business that helped drive user adoption and the positive impact of the tool."

MindAlign Edge Services include two programs that are executed in parallel: Business Edge Services and Technical Edge Services.

Business Edge Services

  • Discovery – Requirements gathering and analysis which is used to develop a persistent group messaging business framework
  • Planning – Development and documentation of a comprehensive rollout plan, including the structure and expected usage of group collaboration channels
  • Rollout – Delivery of customized end-user training programs and materials

Technical Edge Services

  • Architectural Planning – Development of a recommended architecture for high-availability/redundancy based on customer requirements
  • Installation & Configuration – Installation and testing of the MindAlign solution within the customer environment
  • Deployment – Delivery of customized administrator training as well as end-user configuration and rollout

"We designed the Edge Services program as a services package that enables our clients to quickly and easily deliver MindAlign as a business solution that delivers real results," said Parlano's SVP of Worldwide Sales, Jay McGlynn. "In as little as a month, Parlano can develop and execute a rollout plan where MindAlign is deployed globally to thousands of users, with high rates of user adoption. Our Edge Services have been designed to integrate MindAlign into the day-to-day business process of our customers, whether their focus is trading, sales, IT support, or project management."

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