Actimize and IBM offer authentication technology

Source: Actimize

Actimize Inc., a leading provider of fraud prevention and compliance solutions, today announced that it will work with IBM to address banks' growing need to combat online fraud. The two companies plan to deliver Online Fraud Prevention solutions for banks, brokerages, and other financial services institutions.

"The Actimize Online Fraud Prevention solution brings multi-factor authentication and true financial fraud detection together in a single application for the first time," said David Sosna, CEO at Actimize. "This unique capability combined with the operational risk experience and fraud expertise that IBM Business Consulting Services brings to customers makes IBM the ideal partner. Together we can help large and mid-sized financial services companies detect and prevent online fraudulent activities by implementing the Actimize Online Fraud Prevention solution."

Actimize Online Fraud Prevention 2.0 combines smart, multi-factor authentication and highly accurate financial fraud detection technology to enable an increasingly accurate, operationally efficient fraud prevention capability for banks, brokerages, and other financial services institutions.

In October 2005, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued new guidelines titled Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment, which address the need for financial institutions to create programs that include risk-based assessments, customer awareness, and security measures to reliably authenticate customers using online services. The Actimize Online Fraud Prevention solution helps financial services institutions meet and even surpass these guidelines by using a combination of multi-factor authentication, adaptive profiles, and an analytical fraud risk engine to deliver comprehensive and accurate online fraud detection and prevention capability.

"Actimize has leveraged a strong foundation in fraud detection and surveillance to create a solution designed to monitor and manage the increasing volume coming through the online channel at banks and brokerages," said Bob Molloy, leader of IBM's banking fraud practice. "Financial services institutions need to protect themselves against more than yesterday's fraud schemes. Actimize provides a solution that can be extended to address new fraud schemes as they are identified."

In addition to multi-factor authentication and the analytical fraud detection engine, the Actimize Online Fraud solution features real-time self-learning, case management and alert management, and auditing and reporting capabilities. Furthermore, the solution incorporates proven detection methodologies and models tailored to the online channel. It is built on a flexible, scaleable platform that can be implemented quickly -- providing customers with a powerful and flexible solution with a low total cost of ownership.

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