Bankers' Bank extends CBS cheque-imaging services contract

Source: Community Banking Systems

Community Banking Systems (CBS), a provider of check imaging products and services for community financial institutions, has been selected by Madison, Wisconsin-based Bankers' Bank to provide the second phase of its industry leading Check 21 solution.

The first phase of the bank's solution enabled respondent banks to send image cash letters to Bankers' Bank for clearing with the Federal Reserve.

Phase two began in response to the immense amount of image files provided daily by 52 Bankers' Bank customers that amounted to 1.5 million items per month. Bankers' Bank selected Community Banking Systems because of its previous check imaging experience with the Federal Reserve and its flexibility in building an image exchange solution in a timely and cost effective manner.

According to Bankers' Bank officials, CBS' licensing of Data Treasury technology patents was also a deciding factor in the selection process.

"After our due diligence period, we know that our decision to work with CBS and the solution we are creating will be truly unique to the marketplace," said Ron Slater, president and CEO of Bankers' Bank. "Our success to date with Check 21 can be matched by few and our imaging advancements further demonstrate our commitment to excellence."

Phase two is known as OWN.IT (On-We Network for Image Transfer), and will enable Bankers' Bank to offer its customers a cost effective image clearing solution. CBS is developing and operating an image exchange that clears Bankers' Bank customers' checks through sources available at any point in time.

"Our experience with banks across the country, the flexibility of our check imaging solutions and the licensing agreement with DataTreasury made us the best and safest option for Bankers' Bank," said Sean Pennock, president of Community Banking Systems. "We provide a solution specifically catered to community banks, and since Bankers' Bank works strictly with community banks, we are providing them the easiest and most cost effective check imaging solution. Our licensing agreement with DataTreasury protects Bankers' Bank from any legal implications of utilizing check imaging technology."

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