Concentra Bank contracts with Capco for deployment of PlatformZero

Source: Capco

Capco, the global management and technology consultancy, announces a new strategic partnership with Concentra Bank, which has joined the list of charter clients for PlatformZero, Capco’s fully cloud-based, low-code digital and automation solution focused on the financial services industry.

PlatformZero is designed to increase efficiency and eliminate high-cost processes across the back office, and improve control and service for end-to-end process digitization. PlatformZero’s capabilities allow Concentra to free up staff and other resources, providing capacity to grow its business in new ways. PlatformZero is compliant with SOC2 standards across associated process initiation, validation, approval and fulfillment.

Neal Oswald, Concentra’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “PlatformZero enables us to redeploy almost 40% of our staff in targeted areas to support new businesses and develop new skills. It also supports our existing processes. We are excited to have this opportunity to work with Capco as a charter client to help shape PlatformZero’s future development and direction.”

Bhanu Kohli, Capco Partner, said: “PlatformZero draws upon the deep expertise Capco has built up over our 20-plus year history of providing leading-edge consulting and developing technology solutions for financial services clients. Fully customizable and in the cloud with zero footprint, PlatformZero’s wide range of digital, automation, and integration features enhance productivity and generate significant cost and delivery risk reductions for banking, wealth and insurance clients. It takes digitalization and automation transformation to the next level.”

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